If I were a betting man…

I’d wager there might be a bonefish somewhere around here…

French Polynesia.



It can be fun to look at a Google Map like this and just imagine what might be there. So many little atolls and I’d bet some of them have a bonefish or GT hanging about.

Here’s one place I found that fishes some of these places… TahitiExpeditions.



  1. How do you spot GTs? A big dark presence just off the flat?

  2. Google palmyra

  3. Great tool to plan a fishing trip on the flats. I use it all the time before heading out to Biscayne Bay

  4. Oh, I have… long ago. This post was from 2010. I would very much like to fish there.

  5. I’m not spotting GT’s, but I’m thinking they might be out there. Very similar to the types of places you’d find them in Christmas, and this is the Pacific… so, it seems possible. I don’t know that you could spot many fish from Google Earth, although maybe some Whale Sharks?

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