OK… tying update

The vice has fallen silent and empty... finally.

The vice has fallen silent and empty… finally.

I finished. A week late, I finished. It was MY IDEA and I was still a week late. Sheesh!

I have a 2 month old… that’s my excuse and it is totally valid.

I am not sure if the rest are in yet. They might be. I’m going to take inventory tomorrow, see if we are all set, and if we are, start putting together the packets to go out.

I kind of forgot to ask for return postage, so I’ll cover that for you fine people and I’ll just add that to the list of other poor decisions I’ve made in my life.

So… hope to be sending them out soon. Thanks to all who have taken part. Good stuff.




  1. You shouldn’t have to pay the postage! I forgot about it too. Everyone could volunteer to send you one eleventh of the shipping costs (to cover the guy in Scandinavia!) Just say the word!

  2. Glenn Ancelet

    Don’t be so hard on yourself.
    Life happens. I’m sure we all get that.
    Email me your PayPal details and I’d be happy to send you $$ to cover the return postage. I think it cost me $10 to send the fly box down to you.

  3. Hey Bjorn, I can send the postage money back to you if you want.

  4. OH, I’ll take care of it… unless it proves to be crazy expensive. We’ll see. I need to get it all sorted out.

  5. Send me your email to paypal you


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