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South Andros Bonefish. Photo by Andrew Bennett
South Andros Bonefish. Photo by Andrew Bennett


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  1. I would love to fish Andros South but their rates are pretty high: $4,635 for 7 nights & 6 days of guiding and free beer & liquor. What is it about their lodge that justifies higher/premium rates? Reputation, guides and fishery?

  2. Really, I was talking about bonefish in general, but I can tell you a bit about Andros South as well. Andros South is on the more expensive side of lodges, but it isn’t without justification. There are cheaper places to fish and there are good guides beyond Andros South. AS kind of brings it all together. American business with all that implies, good guides, good operation. They have it figured out, how to provide a good experience to anglers. I loved my week there. It all depends on what you are looking for.

  3. Eric,

    I was lucky enough to go bonefishing once, two and a half years ago. Sadly, it was a total disaster. I’ve been dreaming about it for 25+ years. Thankfully, I get another shot at it this April. For me, I had to look at it this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I could choose anywhere in North America. I’d looked at dozens of operations in 5 countries, and decided on AS for many reasons, including advice from Bjorn, and many others. No frills yet comfy, good eats, beers, private room, unreal fishing. Hopefully!
    My plan is to land a bone with every one of our swap flies. If i can make that happen, it’ll be worth every penny.
    I can’t wait to see our fly box!!

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