I’m going back.

I talked about wanting to go back there, to where it all started.  The place I saw my first bonefish is a special place to me for many reasons and to go back there, it feels like bringing things full circle.

I’m going.

December 1-5.

It will rain, maybe even a lot.  I’m hoping not, but I’m going to go anyway. I’m going to go and camp.  I’m going to get up in the morning and walk out on the flat and I’m going to look for bonefish and when the tide goes out I’m going to try and find trevally and when it comes back in I’m going to look for bonefish.  I’m not going to see anything else, I don’t want to go anywhere else. I’m just going to fish and eat and sleep and fish.

I cannot wait.

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  1. Your previous posts, and other assorted perusals of the internet, convinced me that I to should make a trip to Kauai this winter. Jan 25-Feb 8 baby. And I can’t wait either. After landing an O’io on the fly in Maui in February I was hooked. Let us know how you do.

  2. Jimmy… you caught one in Maui? Awesome. I had heard they really weren’t there, not the right kind of structure. Love to hear more about that!

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