Itu’s Bones

You may have heard of the new film project from the folks at On the Fly Productions called Itu’s Bones.

You can read the story of the genesis of this film project at their website.  It is worth reading.

There’s a twitter feed to follow if you are into that sort of thing… like, right here.

The players supporting this project are some of the key players; Patagonia, Sage, Costa Del Mar and Rio.

Itu lives on the island of Aitukaki in the Cook Islands.  There is an ex-pat American (Butch Leon) who has been pioneering bonefishing out there at Aitutaki Blue Lagoon Fly Fishing.

A fish from the folks making Itu's Bones

This should be a great story to see unfold and a wonderful movie.  Looking forward to it.

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