Last Day in the Bahamas

Today we were supposed to do a kayak trip but it was raining so hard the operator canceled (we would have cancelled anyway). The rain coming down in sheets at times, but when it was, at least there wasn’t much wind.

So, I did sneak down to the beach a few times searching for fish. As soon as I walked down I saw what I thought was the murky shape of a monster bone. A few casts and a few follows and then I got a good view of the tail… the black tail. Cuda.

Further down the flat, which had surprisingly good light, considering, and I saw another cuda, but no bones. I put a little wire and a little cuda fly on the 8 weight and just prospected on the way back in, casting out over the darker weed beds. I had one good grab, but not fish.

The girl loved this part of the day.

The girl loved this part of the day.

That was the fishing. Beyond that, my daughter directed a couple of videos with the camera and we went out and built sand castles in the rain (my new Patagonia rain jacket worked very well). Wrapped up the trip with dinner at Geneva’s, a place I’ve actually eaten at twice before. They were out of almost everything and what they did have wasn’t very good. Kind of a downer for dinner, but it won’t detract from the trip.

It’s been a good time, even if the weather was a bit iffy and my one full guided day was a bit of a bust. I got to show my daughter all the things I told her she’d see… we saw a ray as we left our sand castles, which completed the promised viewable creatures (baby conch, blue crab, sharks, rays, fish).

A good trip and I’m looking forward to my next Bahamian adventure.

Looking forward to the next trip.

Looking forward to the next trip.


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  1. I have had the great fortune to experience my 9th trip to the Bahamas, specifically Exuma. Of my trips, I can recall more than a few times when the weather, the dinners, the fish and many other things weren’t cooperating with me or my family. However those are not the memories that fill my girl’s precious little heads or their hearts. It is the time spent doing the things that you love and doing them with the people that you love. It’s good to hear that it isn’t just the abundance of fish landed that can make a trip great but the time spent pursuing your passion and creating lasting memories with your family.
    During this last trip to Exuma, the best day I had was doing something new with my family and not fishing at all.

  2. I cannot even begin to refute what Steve says, the Bahamas are always a tough call for a short fishing holiday. For a family vacation, as you found out, it can be a wonderful experience. In my travels, this has often been the case. No matter where we go in search of trophy gamefish the weather can be a huge factor. It’s just something that I had to learn to put up with. I congratulate you on your focus on making this a family vacation! I have spent many years in the Bahamas and would be pleased to discuss some of the many alternatives with you. All the best!

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