A box for BTT

The flies from the Fly Swap are in and they look great. There are some really good, fish-catching flies, tied with care.

Good looking flies there.
Good looking flies there.

We have a box of those flies (4x in most cases) and a beautiful box from Cliff Outdoors which they donated to the cause (these are the boxes I use, by the way). Give Cliff Outdoors a like on Facebook, if you do such things.

The Cliff Box
The Cliff Box

It makes sense for the beneficiary of our efforts to be the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. They are the ones who are out there trying to protect the fish we love.

So, we need someone to buy this. I put this up on Facebook and I think the last bid was $130. A steal. I’ll keep this up until Monday, when we’ll take the highest bid (from here or the BOTB Facebook Page) and we’ll arrange for the donation and the shipping of the box.

So… who is going to bid on this beautiful box???

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  1. they look gr8!

    thanks again for orchestrating this.

    looking forward to my batch!

  2. Very sweet looking group of flies. Would say that’s one of the best all-round bonefish fly boxes I’ve seen in a long time… other than the lack of crabs, of course. But, there’s everything else: light coloured flies, lightly weighted flies, bright/flashy flies. The works. Good job! Hope it fetches a pretty penny.

  3. […] BONEFISH ON THE FLY – A BOX FOR B.T.T.Bjorn of Bonefish On The Fly recently organized a fly swap and had everyone tie up two extra patterns to be placed in a Cliff Outdors fly box for this auction to benefit the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. […]

  4. Brian Chappel has offered $200!

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