May My Enemies All Win A Cruise

Cruise ships sound to me like a special kind of hell. You spend all your time on a ship, but you can’t fish off it, it doesn’t have a shallow draft and can’t get anywhere near the waters I really want to be in.

Then there’s the diarrhea. I don’t much care for it, but it seems a lot of people sure do catch it on cruise ships, like the 172 people who just came down with it on their month long cruise on Carnival’s Crown Princess.

Yeah… doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Not for me.


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  1. It was classic last night watching the news. Immediately after the segment about the 172 people ill on that cruise, they went to commercial. And lo, the commercial was for Carnival Cruise Lines. I think their marketing people are missing a great opportunity. They should be marketing these trips as “weight loss cruises”. You get all the dining, dancing, drinking, entertainment and come home 10lbs lighter. All for only a few minutes out of every hour on the commode.

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