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When I started this blog there were a few blogs around and there were an even fewer really good blogs. One that I always kind of liked was The Trout Underground. Tom is an entertaining writer, a unique voice. To make it even better, he wrote about the place where I’m from. He wrote about the Upper Sacramento and the McCloud. He wrote about guides I knew, even if just a little. Of all the trout-filled places in the States, the biggest trout blog in the WORLD was from my home waters.

Upper Sacramento Sunset

Upper Sacramento Sunset


He wrote a lot. He had regular posts to follow. He had lots of followers and he took time to respond to comments. He was the model. Sure, there was the Chum, but that has always been a tougher room in terms of conversation, although the sheer volume of posting going on over there is astounding.

Tom and The Underground were at the starting gun of dedicated outdoor blogs, pioneering a new way of communicating. I don’t think that is overstating.

It looks like the Underground is going into a winter hibernation, but one it might not come back from. There is fatherhood and work and less and less time (man, that sounds familiar). There is also a metric ton of crazy not too far away convincing Tom it might not be a great idea to publicize his comings and goings too much. Oddly, my name even featured in his court case, which was beyond strange. It is possible Tom and I have met, but if we did it was only briefly, almost in passing, at the Ted Fay Fly Shop. We are not in cahoots.

So, a unique and steady voice is falling silent. I’m saddened by the loss, but glad we got to be here when it all went down.

Thanks Tom. Thanks for everything.


The McCloud.


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