My Monster Bone from the Keys

I caught the biggest bonefish of the trip. It was all down to skill, really, and I think this fish shows just what an amazing, amazing angler I am. It is like I knew that fish would be there.

Davin, who I was fishing with at the time, was incredulous. He didn’t believe me right away. He had to see it with his own eyes.

Despite all this wild success, I have still maintained my humility, which just goes to show you how stupendously amazing I am. I mean… all this and humility too?




Now, yeah, OK, it does’t look all that huge, but to put that in perspective, this is one of my hands.

The big ones are mine. That puts that fish in perspective.

The big ones are mine. That puts that fish in perspective.

OK, OK… I didn’t exactly “see” the fish first. I was blind casting over some grass and though I might have a little cuda.

Alright. Fine. I hand-lined it in. It never got on the reel and didn’t take more than 10 feet of line out.

Still, it was the largest bone of the trip.

Yes… it was the only bone of the trip.

Yes… we were mostly fishing for tarpon and reds.

Still… at least I still have the humility.


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  1. It’s better to be lucky than good!

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