My next fishing trip – my honeymoon

So, for those of you keeping track, this last year has been a crazy one for me. I got back from Andros in April of last year to a critically low Domestic Tranquility Index that kept finding new lows, like, Congress Approval Rating kind of lows. That went on for a while until it was clearly not sustainable anymore.

Attorneys, stipulation orders, custody orders, new digs, new furniture, 50/50 split… ya know… just pure joy.

Now that is mostly all water under the bridge (but not like the tides kind of bridge where it flows one way in the morning and the other in the evening, this is permanent kind of flowing under the bridge).  I moved beyond bitter or angry or sad a long time ago and that left me open for something wonderful.

That something wonderful and I are going to get hitched come September.

And… looks like the honeymoon will likely be at El Pescador.  Yeah, I like the direction we are headed in already.

It will be good to be back, especially for the reason why.


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  1. kevin carmichael


  2. It’s never an easy thing… but often for the best.

    It’s equally difficult to continue living with an open heart… good for the two of you!


  3. Congrats. I am heading to ElPescador on May 21 for my first time looking for bonefish. Have enjoyed the blog and have got lots of good info to help me with my trip.

  4. That’s great

  5. The finest of congrat’s to the both of you!. When did you pop the question? I’m sure you’ll be excused for missing breakfast and the morning fishing a few days; but somehow, I don’t think that’ll be the case. 😉

    I’m happy for you and you’re future partner.

    Cheers! to the happy couple,


  6. I popped the question last night… ring, bended knee and the whole 9 yards. Dinner at our favorite little place. She said yes. The crowd cheered. Perfect.

  7. You’re Living the dream dude. I’ll be following part of the Tarpon Migration end of next month, starting in Key West and ending up in Homassassa. Bones in between at Grassy Key and Islamorada. Good times!

  8. Excellent!

  9. Congrats on something wonderful!

  10. Bjorn,

    If your sweetie gets as hooked on flyfishing as much as she’s hooked on you…then all should be good.

    You should urge her make a “BFOTB” blog entry to formally introduce herself to the “Family”. Sort of a prelude of things to come from the “both of you”. Plenty of womenfolk flyfishers out there are just “dying to know”. he he!!


  11. Congrats, Bjorn!

  12. All the best !

  13. What they said. All the best!

  14. bonefishbjorn


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