These next few days

I didn’t write a post last night, I was writing my vows for  my upcoming wedding (Sunday). Yes… I actually do mention bonefish in the vows. No, really.

These next few days are likely going to be kind of a whirlwind and I’m betting I won’t have much time to post here on the blog, although I’ll try to post a few little pictures and things like that.

I’m thinking I’ll reply my last trip to El Pescador over the next week, as that is where I’ll be for my honeymoon.  Funny thing is I might actually run into a couple of BOTB readers down there, which should be fun.

So, stay tuned… I’ll be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight back.


It will be good to be back, especially with the Mrs.



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  1. Wow Bjorn, can you belize it?…you’re getting hitched this weekend?. I’m sitting here this morning having a few cocktails celebrating my retirement this morning from 36 years of service for the same Liquor distributor here in Ontario Canada (public sector job). I’m sorta numb right now (not with booze)…more like with “what happens from here?”

    All the best with your upcoming union and belize it or not!…I somehow think that fishing will “Not” be first on your agenda down there….he he!!! 😉

    Just make darn sure that your “best” catch comes home with you on your arm so to speak.

    Oh yeah!…in any wedding photos…if your new wife is half submerged and dripping water off her earlobes…”I friggin give up”!!! Then again…your game this time isn’t “catch and release” this time is it?

    Good for you kid…knock em dead!


  2. Hey, have a happy “moon.” Been there a few times over the decades. If you can’t catch a lot of bonefish there, you got off at the wrong stop.
    Skip Clement, publisher

  3. Congrats on your retirement Henry and I wish you many, many years of joy on the flats.

    Big changes these days. All good stuff.

  4. Eduardo Otero-Cossio

    Hope you have a great wedding & honeymoon Bjorn!

    Best wishes, Ed

  5. All the best Bjorn!
    Have a great time. 🙂

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