Back to reality

OK all… I’m back after a wonderful week at El Pescador down in Belize for my honeymoon. We had a lot of really great experiences down there and I’ll run though the more fishy of those here over the next week.  I also managed to do a little fishing.  The new Mrs. went out with me one day and we had a good time on the flats, which was kind of a big deal.  Other times she got a massage and I’d go out in the lagoon in back. Hard to complain.

One thing I was really very proud of was that I managed to catch a couple of dock fish.  Dock fish are kind of hard, in my limited experience.  Not big, but a good dock fish.

My first fish of the trip, from the El Pescador dock!



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  1. Congrats on both your marriago and dock fish. Yes those fish can be choosy. Did you have a chance to pursue those bruisers north of Journey’s End? Look forward to your full report.

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