Need a reel? Borrow one!

Do you need a reel for your next bonefishing (or bill fishing) trip but don’t want to go drop $700 on a reel you haven’t played with at all?

Here’s an idea… borrow one… from the reel maker!

No, I haven’t been indulging in the 420 lifestyle, I am not currently drunk and have not been using potent glues in confined spaces.  I simply was looking around the website of Nautilus Reels.

Turns out Nautilus has a program they call “Travelers” that lets you borrow one of their reels, take it on your trip and return it.  Upon your returning the reel the location of your trip gets engraved on the reel for the next user to enjoy.

Seriously… that sounds pretty sweet and is something I plan on taking advantage of.

Here’s the thing though… return the reel.  A few of these reels have not been returned. It means you get charged for it, but it also means it is out of rotation.  Basically, you screw the next guy/gal who might want to use it.

This could be the reel for your next trip…

What a loaner!

You can borrow this reel.

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  1. James, commend you for being povitse despite the weather and travel snafu’s. You still got some amazing phots and caught the fish of a lifetime. Congrats on doing something the majority of people cannot fathom.

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