Not fishing

I’ve been up in my home town a bit lately, trying to spend some time with my mom while there is still time to spend.Odd to be up there and NOT be fishing. This last trip I took my daughter to a pond and a lake and a river and I didn’t make a single cast. I didn’t even have my fishing license until Sunday. Maybe the latest I’ve bought a license in a decade.

The girl and my river
The girl and my river

The Upper Sacramento River looks good. It is in shape now, a little high, but very, very fishable. We saw some of the big stones flying around there river, around downtown, around the house. We saw a big sulpher as well. The bugs are coming out, the river is awakening, things are starting to get moving.

I’ll be back up before long and maybe, just maybe, I’ll put a rod in the car. The little cocoon of peace offered up by the act of casting a fly on an intimate river, it is a welcome refuge.



  1. Jonathan Winthrop

    Its good to know your Ma has met and knows your kids. Life goes on. The torch passes.

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