NRX – A review from Angling Trade

I saw the review of the NRX in the latest email from Angling Trade (anyone can sign up for these emails, and you probably should if you have more than a passing interest in what’s happening in “the Industry”).  The rod got top marks from Kirk Deeter as he field tested an NRX down in Argentina.  The review doesn’t talk about what weight the rod was, but I assume it was a bit lighter than would be used out in the salt, and indeed there is an NRX Trout and NRX Saltwater, although I’m not sure what the difference in those rods is, action wise.

I got a chance to cast an NRX at the California Fly Shop back in November and I recall liking what I felt/saw, but 10 minutes in the parking lot doesn’t tell you a whole lot in any way that is useful.  My impression, casting the 9 weight, was that it felt like I was casting a 7.  It was light and crisp and bristled with power… or so it seemed.

I’m sure the NRX is a great rod and I’m sure it is comparable to the other great rods out there… the Helios, the Xi3, the BIIIx, the S4S.  If you got 10 anglers together and asked them which was the “best” you would likely end up with 12 answers.  So much in what makes a rod great is down to the angler.  I’d say it is easy to tell when you have a great rod, but sorting out something like “the greatest” becomes a very subjective affair.  Still… I’ll bet it is pretty sweet.

The price… the price is steep.  I know that these folks have done the research and figured out that there is a market for a rod that is $760.  I’ve cast some of these rods and caught fish on some of these rods, but I’m not “there” yet in my mind.  Maybe it is just too far from where I was when I first fell in love with fly fishing… when a ball-busting rod was $400.  Those were good days and I saw a lot of water and I caught a lot of fish (just none of them bonefish).

If you’d like a tour of the G. Loomis factory, you can check out the YouTube video below.

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  1. The best rod of all time is the Sage RPLX 8 wt.

    They stopped making it, tried to do the RPL, and various others, but none compared,

  2. There are some classics. I actually have an RPL in a 7 wt., but it is a 2 pc, which limits where I take it. I have a 5 wt. RPL+, but it is too light for the salt (and almost too tippy for trout). I like the old Sage rods for sure.

  3. I’ve got the Loomis CrossCurrent GLX in an 8 for saltwater fishing and I have to say I love it. I’ve not had the privilege of casting every other rod out there, but with this rod I don’t feel the need to.
    As for the NRX – is it just me or is the handle pretty ugly? I know it will appeal to plenty of others but for me it just doesn’t work – give me a more traditional finish any time

  4. I know folks love their CrossCurrent GLX’s. Have a good friend that throws one and has no interest in “up grading.”

    I’ll be looking at one today, almost for sure, but I don’t remember the grip being too different… going to have to check that out.

  5. Bought NRX 9ft 8wt at Ducks today 1/6/14
    For $374. Was on discount at $499 then another 25%
    Check if out jag offs..

  6. Cross Current has way better looking reel seat but rod
    Isn’t the flagship like NRX so picked that. Both same
    Crazy price.

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