OK… advice time

Thinking of the honeymoon… El Pescador down in Belize… 1 day of guided fishing WITH the new Mrs.

Would you go look for big Tarpon?  I mean… seeing one of those things suck in a Black Death 30 feet away and then leave a Fiat sized hole in the ocean is pretty awe inspiring.

Would you go into the mangroves and look for the 20-40 pound Tarpon? That is a really cool environment and the odds are higher of getting one of those as opposed to the big boys/girls.

Would you go pound the little bonefish that are abundant and not the 70-foot-in-the-wind-to-super-spooky-fish type of bonefish?

So… what would ya chase?

It will be good to be back, especially with the Mrs.

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  1. We love El Pescador! Chase Permit!!! Belize has nice 20-30lb Permit. We also have been seening bigger bones in Belize over the last two years. Tarpon will be weather dependent if you are only fishing one day.

  2. Lawrence Snyder

    Have fun. Take on the smaller tarpon first. They put a better aerial show than any other fish. Play it by ear with your guide. Or tell the Mrs. to go shopping and go for a grand slam!

  3. we did ours in andros at kamalame, remember you both need to catch fish .. bones .. btw kamalame was perfect for a honeymoon!

  4. Does she fish? If not, then introduce her to it and let her catch fish, i.e. go bonefishing – afterall, it’s “Bonefish on the Brain” right? If she enjoys her one day on the boat, then maybe she’ll want to go out another day with you and you can go for something more challenging then. Plus the scenery up in the park is amazing, weaving thru the mangroves, maybe a manatee sighting – take her up there.

  5. Have Ali set you up with naturalist David Cunningham and he will give you a personal tour of the mainland, forests, Belize Zoo, food, etc. that will blow your mind.

  6. When we were in Cozumel my wife really enjoyed wading the flats. The warm water, shells on the beach, starfish, and other sea life up close is fascinating. The environment was so pleasant she didn’t care if she caught fish or not. (She did catch fish.)

    Boats are fun too.

  7. do a shore lunch if she is not big on fishing, Bonefish island is sweet and you both can swim while your guide cooks. El Pescador will pack everything. Ask Ali.

  8. Personally I love the big tarpon! While the mangroves are a lot of fun I tend to encounter more 20 to 40 pound mosquitos than baby tarpon. As far as bones are concerned, they are all wonderful as long as my equipment matches the size of the fish. It just doesn’t get any better than exploring the flats as a newly married couple!

  9. Married 24yrs and counting. If there’s one thing I’ve learned I’d start your honey moon off by chasing a little tail in the privacy of your room. Just saying “Happy wife, Happy life” The rest will fall into place.

  10. bonefishbjorn

    Indeed. One day of fishing, not 5 days of fishing.

  11. Wow now!! The other thing I’ve learned is to be careful what you say. ” 1 of 5″ . Remember there are other wives that might be lurking.

  12. While you are on the flats searching for the one that will get away, make sure that she has a bucket or something with a clear bottom so that she can wade around and get a good look at all the life below the surface. Just be prepared to respond to all the shrieks.

    Have a great time but remember this is her time your time will come. Been married for 52 years and still on our honeymoon. May you both enjoy all the love and happiness God will provide you both.

  13. Best Belize idea: One day of fishing for anything at Pescador. Then scoot down to Turtle Inn in Placensia. Do the Whale Shark snorkel trip which is incredible and have them cook you a lunch on a small deserted island near Glovers Reef. And then leave you there for day. Can’t go wrong…

  14. kevin carmichael

    Do a dinner at Victoria House…..might also consider a few days inland at the Lodge at Chaa Creek…..

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