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I’ve been trying to get the girl a fish for a while down here.  Sadly, the fishing wilderness of the South Bay (SF South Bay) is not exactly furtile. Kind of sucks, actually.  Still, I’ve been trying.  I’ve thrown at carp with her and even goldfish, but it just hasn’t been happening.

My little lady

Finally, I got the girl a fish down here.  Went to a reservoir that rented boats and we set out for a three hour tour.  She liked the boat, which I got to row around.  She did ask about every five minutes if we had caught anything yet and then why we hadn’t caught anything yet. Motivating.

Just a girl and her fish.

When it finally came, she loved it. I put it in a bucket and she got to see it and touch it and really see the fish.  She wants to go back, which makes me happy.

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  1. That is just super special. You will remember this for the rest of your life. She inturn will remember her best day with the best daddy in the world.

  2. Here in Honolulu I have a small canal loaded with small tilapia. I take a lot of kids there , bamboo rod, fine 2 or 3 lb mono, and a # 16 hook with white bread….never fails….instant gratification!
    Both kids and adults like that concept!

  3. She thinks she’s just fishin !

  4. Cherish it, They grow fast

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