San Diego Bonefish

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Yeah, there are bones in San Diego Bay.  They are not as big as they get… well… in most places.  Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them though.

This isn’t the kind of bonefishing most of us think of… no walking the crystal flats looking for subtle movment.  This is sinking line and blind casting.  If you have a kayak, you can head out there yourself.

If you are looking for a guide (like SoCal Fly Fishing Outfitter), you can pick one up for about $350 (before tip).

This trip is certainly under $1,000.  You’ll just have to take another trip for the mangroves and conch.

On bait, some fish around 2-3 pounds  can be caught, although fly fisherman tend to get smaller fish from the reports I’ve read.

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  1. Someone needs to tell this guy, “It’s a rod, son. A rod.”

  2. Ha… I had that same thought, of course.

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