Perfect Moments

Perfect moments. That is what trips are about. There are a few every trip… those things that remain when everything else is jumbled together in the fog of memory and you can’t pick out one day from another, or one trip from another. There are crystal clear moments that remain. This trip to Grand Bahama had several such moments.

Dinner at Pier One was one such event and another was the first bonefish I caught while wading the day I fished with my dad.

That fish was just so classic.

I had stepped out of the boat to reduce the weight to allow the guide to get a little bit skinnier. He had just told me to wade around the point and he’d pick me up again. I had to look for fish though and I found them. I saw fish moving along the shoreline, coming toward me. What a beautiful sight. I love the moment you realize you are looking at fish, when you identify them and the math comes out in your favor. You are going to get the shot. Now you have to make it happen.

I love those moments and this is one such moment, captured on the ContourROAM camera. This was the Contour’s first trip and my first time playing with it. Clearly, I need to figure a couple things out, but it is fun to actually get something like this on video.


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  1. Oh yeah nothing like the sound of a reel letting out drag! Fun-
    that made my day, and it looks like yours as well.

  2. Damn, watching that made me realize I need to keep my head still when I cast. I consider myself a good caster but all my head mounted videos results in “blair witch” style vomit inducing footage.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Yeah, it is a bit shaky. I was going between wading in the direction the guide had told me to go, and looking for fish. Makes for a bit of a wobble. Like I said, first run with the Contour. I’ll play with this more in the future.

  4. Yeah…rock the camera…and you’re rocking the skiff (sending waves to the bones). Lefty and others seem to do it so effortlessly!!!…something to work on for me.


  5. Great video. Nice catch!! Thanks for sharing!

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