I’m thinking about Ragged.

Ragged Island sits about half-way between Long Island and Cuba, to give you an idea of where it is. There aren’t a lot of people on Ragged. The 2000 census put the number of residents at just 72. That’s 72 people on the whole Ragged Island chain (one of the islands is called “Double Breasted Cay”).

There are no regular flights.

Think those fish get much pressure? I’m thinking not.

There are two Beaver Tail Skiffs and an off-shore boat sitting there, waiting for a trip to get put together.

Doesn’t this sound like a kind of awesome trip?

A cuda from Ragged Island

February sounds like a good time. Who is up for it?



  1. I haven’t been to Ragged island, but I’ve fished Crooked Island about 40 miles to the East. Amazing area with very little pressure. You should go in May and charter the Sea Hunter. It’s a live aboard mother ship that cruises that area at that time of year. It’s the ultimate way to do a Bahamas flats trip.

  2. I fished the Jimento’s 2 years ago. It was amazing and I want to go back there. We were bringing a sail boat back from PR and had left the DR on our way back to the Keys and we tucked in there for a few days. Duncan town, which is where everyone lives, has a run way but no commercial airlines. You have to check in somewhere else as they have no customs there, but be because we were on a boat, we didn’t check in either. We were also towing a 15 foot flats boat which we used all 3 days there. A normal day for us was find conch, which was not hard. Clean them, save the meat and use the rest for bait. Set up in cut on an outgoing tide and catch Nassau groupers, Strawberries, yellow tails, etc. Then look for lobster. That was dinner. After that, find a flat when the tide came back in and look for bonefish, which was not hard to find. There is a very narrow cut leading to Duncan Town that is about a mile long. To the north of the cut were bonefish out the butt. There was also a good flat on Maycock Cay to the north about 4 miles had bonefish and conch. We were there 3 days and the only people we say were in Duncan Town or the few cursing boats we saw. I am trying to plan a trip back there again.

  3. Sounds pretty ideal to me. I’m thinking February.

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