Looking for Two Good People

You know who you are (maybe). You are fun to fish with, fun to have at dinner, fun to share a boat with.

You clear your boat-mate’s line.

You don’t bitch because it’s windy (it’s always windy).

You want to get out and explore a bit. You want to go to Ragged Island.



I need two more anglers to make the trip happen March 15-22. Cost is about $3,100, when you account for the charter flight from Exuma into Ragged.

You can’t get on American to get there. There are no regular flights… just charters and the mail boat.

If you want to go, get in touch (bjorn (at) anglingdestinations (dot) com). We need to lock in our group.

Could be, should be a truly unique experience.

Yes... there are bonefish there. This one was caught there.

Yes… there are bonefish there. This one was caught there.


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  1. My friends at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing in Harrisonburg, VA have been fishing the Bahamas 5-10 times/yr for 15 years and told me about the worm fly. He wrote me to your query: “We have caught fish on that fly on just about every trip. I have actually
    fished it for 14 days straight in the Bahamas and destroyed fish on it every
    day. Wonderful pattern….just be sure to take long hemostats with you.
    Those fish suck those flies deep at times.
    Colby (Trow)”

    Wow! I guess you don’t retrieve or do so very slowly! I hate gut hooking anything!

    I’d say the Gotchas and Mini Puffs are the simplest flies I tie (except the worm fly).

    I’m not going bonefishing for a year but I’m taking some convalescence time to get some tying in. My latest online sources for the latest in bonefish fly design are Scott Haywood’s site and Rod Hamilton’s DIY Bonefishing web sites. Have you been thinking about UV reflective fly tying materials? I think they are about ready to explode into the market.

    Keep up the great work and Seasons Greeting and good luck with the baby and all,


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