I just can’t get into tying trout flies anymore. I just can’t do it. The salt stuff is just too much fun. It’s so big and expressive and substantial. I don’t want to tie any more #16’s.

I know which I'd rather tie.

I know which I’d rather tie.

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  1. I need Craven’s Jujubees Midge flies in 20 and 22 and am not going to pay $1 by mail or 2.50 at a store -among other thing he so I will continue to tie trout flies! Sorry you’ve been spoiled. They next thing you’ll say you’ll only want to tie marlin flies!

  2. Jeff Rodenberg

    Too funny Eric – honest to God truth is that I have a musky trip coming up in September I want to tie some flies for and I’m a bit concerned it will ruin me for bonefish creations!

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Tarpon flies and bonefish flies… those are what I like to tie at the vice. Just fun stuff to put together.

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