Science Wednesday – Fish eating

As seen over at The Saltwater Fly Journal… a bit about fish farms and conservation.

So, what can you eat?  Well… here’s the list of what is on the “good” list.

I don’t actually eat that much fish, but when I do I like it to not be a fish on the brink of extinction (doesn’t that sound like a decent goal to aim for?

Let’s try to be better stewards and advocates for the sea, mkay?


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  1. This list is inherently flawed if wild caught striped bass from any state on the Atlantic coast is on there. Sustainability certifications are largely paid for by commercial fishing interests and have little scientific basis what so ever. I would treat any wild caught fish on this list with a bit of scepticism.

  2. Great video. I did a little research on eating fish before we went to Abaco. The grouper there are endangered so we avoided them on the restaurant menu’s. Also for reef fish there is a danger of toxin in the fish from eating reef creatures. Because of the toxin, smaller is better. We stuck to eating the smaller fish we caught which was easy because most of the snapper and bar jacks we caught were small. We found that one small fish for a meal was plenty along with veggies and stuff, in for example fish tacos. Something to be aware of along with the mercury content. For more info:

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