I’ll admit that I spent some time on Google Earth today scanning for little bits of land in the Indian Ocean that might be fishworthy. I have no idea how you get to some of these places unless you are just either part of the idle rich or part of the… well… people that just don’t give a toss and don’t have responsibilities.

I actually already have a trip on the books… Spring Break, Grand Bahama (anyone going to be in Grand Bahama first week of April?), but I have the end of my startup job on the horizon and I can’t stop thinking about where I might be able to go catch something somewhere warm and salty.

Clearly, I don’t think GTs are on the menu and that’s OK. I love bonefish and would like to catch some and if that’s out of the question I’d settle for some Cudas.

What are you doing to get through the winter??

I’d bet there is something here worth catching.

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  1. Hey Bjorn,

    My wife and I and another couple are headed to Cayo Guillermo Cuba for two weeks from Jan. 30th to Feb 13th. The resort we stay at has a series of man-made channels adjoining the property as well as a couple of other neighbouring resorts. These channels are just stuffed full of baby tarpon to 30lbs. In past trips it’s been no problem to jump and/or land numerous poons in a fishing session. My favorite fly by far is a size 2 or 4 crease fly worked on the surface in little twitches. My God! how those fish blow up on that fly!!! Seems as of late (verified by a photo my buddy took last year), there are at least one or two mid-sized Cuban Croc’s that call those channels home too.

    In front of the resort there are some large beach flats that see some decent use by bones.

    How great is that? being able to vacation with your loved one and still be able to grab a rod for an hour and do your thing?

    That Cuba trip will only be a preclude to a late March/early April trip to Eleuthera Bahama’s for 2 or 3 weeks DIY bonefishing with my buddy and then perhaps a side-trip to Acklins Is. Bahama’s for a week at Salina’s Pt. bonefish lodge for some extended/assisted DIY bonefishing. Shuttle to the flats via vehicle or boat each day. Can’t wait for that.

    Now that I’m retired, I’m working on putting together a June trip to Turneffe Atol for a week…just need a second.


  2. Watch out for pirates!

  3. Xcalak in January with my nephew and cat island with my wife and kid

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