Seychelles and Milkfish

First off, I want to go here:

Second, the narrator says that milkfish are the ultimate saltwater species. Certianly that can be debated. I’m sure they are strong. I’m sure they are even way, way strong. However, they don’t move me like bonefish do. Bones are beautiful. Milkfish are not beautiful. Tarpon are prehistoric silver kings. Permit are not my bag, at least not yet, although people tell me this will someday happen once I’ve caught “enough” bones and am more comfortable standing on the bow of a boat for hours in the silence, looking for fish. Milks though… deeper water… do you catch these things on the flats?

Who can drop some knowledge for us all on the elusive Milkies?



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  1. The look like giant, ugly mullets.

  2. According to the guys at SWOFFA, who know a thing or two about anything that swims in the salt, milkfish are in a complete league of their own. Period.

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