Stop Proposed Dredging in Key West

To accommodate the arrival of “mega cruise ships,” the cruise ship industry has presented a proposal to dredge and widen the harbor and main ship channel of Key West. And it has already gained support from local businesses.

via Stop Proposed Dredging in Key West | MidCurrent.

That just sounds like a horrible idea, doesn’t it?  Can we get together to oppose this? Bigger cruise ships in Key West… do the Keys need that?  That sounds like Bad Idea Jeans to me.

The Lower Keys Guide Association agrees on the crappiness of this idea. At their site they have a form letter and email addresses of the council members who will vote on this. Let’s generate some heat on this.


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  1. Already sent my letter a week ago, and added my own 2 cents. Being a frequent Keys visitor and talking to locals I know that anglers dump more into the local economy in 1 day of guided fishing than a handful of those tightwad tourists do in several. Figure with guide fees $800 -$1000 a day depending on accommodations etc. This is a bad idea.

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