Mar 10

Worst Sight at the Fly Fishing Show

There were a lot of great things to look at during the Fly Fishing Show… reels, rods, locations, excellent fly tiers doing their thing and fly fishing art.  There were some less than wonderful sights, however, and I think the most disturbing of all was a show-goer walking around in a “Man Boobs Are Sexy” shirt.

No… no they aren’t.

This has never, ever, ever been the case.

I was not surprised to see that this shirt comes in XXX-L.

This is certainly not part of the fly show uniform… I think they should institute a dress-code next year just to keep this guy out.

Nov 09

Don’t Boga that Bone, Please

Every once in a while you’ll see a picture of a bonefish held up for the camera by a boga grip.  This would seem like a good idea.  It sure must be an easy way to grip the fish and control the shaky wildness that is a bonefish.  It will let you get a weight on the fish pretty easily too.

There’s a downside, however… and a pretty big one.  Bonefish may have hard crushers to munch on the crabs and shrimp and worms that they catch, but they also have pretty soft mouths and a boga grip + that shaky bonefish = some significant injuries to the bonefish.

One of my favorite fishing blogs, The Trout Underground, covered the issue some time back.

The Bad Idea Jeans Boga

Bad Idea Jeans.