Don’t Boga that Bone, Please

Every once in a while you’ll see a picture of a bonefish held up for the camera by a boga grip.  This would seem like a good idea.  It sure must be an easy way to grip the fish and control the shaky wildness that is a bonefish.  It will let you get a weight on the fish pretty easily too.

There’s a downside, however… and a pretty big one.  Bonefish may have hard crushers to munch on the crabs and shrimp and worms that they catch, but they also have pretty soft mouths and a boga grip + that shaky bonefish = some significant injuries to the bonefish.

One of my favorite fishing blogs, The Trout Underground, covered the issue some time back.

The Bad Idea Jeans Boga

Bad Idea Jeans.

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  1. I am glad you are conscious of how you treat your catch!

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