May 11

OK, some of my own good C&R Bonefish Pics

I didn’t start out too good.  The first success I had was with a guide that either didn’t know, or didn’t practice good C&R. The results were lots of grip & grin shots with the fish out of the water for way, way too long.

Since then, I’ve read, I’ve listened and I’ve learned. The general math looks like this… (- air exposure) + (- handling) = Good Release

Here’s me putting that into practice…

A nice shot from Cameron at FIBFest II with Andros South

Ok… so, not everyone has a professional photographer as totally awesome as Cameron hanging out with you all day, so, here are others.

Tom Larimer took this pic.

A pic I took down in Belize

Another pic from Belize with El Pescador.

A DIY Bone from Grand Bahama.

Apr 11

Hunting for Bonefish and Steelhead | Tom Larimer Guest Post

Another FIBFest related post from the good folks at Deneki.

Photo by Cameron Miller

Chasing bonefish had never held huge appeal to me… after all, I’m a steelhead angler that thrives on punishment. Give me a river full of fish and I start losing interest – the hunt is what captivates me.

via Hunting for Bonefish and Steelhead | Tom Larimer Guest Post.

Tom Larimer wrote another good piece for the Deneki Blog about the hunting aspects of bonefishing compared to steelheading.  I have to say, the hunting aspect of bonefishing is something that really grabs me.  That you have to see the fish before you catch it… you have to know where to expect it and when it will be there, then you have to make the cast and get the retrieve right… I love it.

I imagine that it has a lot of parallels to hunting, although I’m not a hunter myself.  You have to know where the elk or deer or grouse are going to be.  You have to get in the right position.  You have to see your target and you have to make the shot.

Of course, you get to let your bonefish go.

Apr 11

Impossible is Nothing

They said it couldn’t be done.

They said it was impossible.

They called me crazy… or worse.

“You need bait” they said.


I had something they lacked…  I had belief.

I knew it could be done.

I knew it was possible.

In fact, I knew it was inevitable.

Once I had focused in on the task it was going to make it happen.  There was no doubt.



Photos by Cameron Miller

OK… maybe it wasn’t the best fish of the trip, but I am the only FIBFester that caught one!  Hand-lined that mo-fo!  Yeah!

Thankfully, I still had a few #8’s on my box from the last trip.  No way those fish could fit a #6 in their mouths.

Mar 11

Photo Session… Andros South Style

It isn’t every day you get to go fish and have a kick ass photographer along for the trip who is going to do nothing more than take pictures.

That was my day.

So… instead of cluttering up things with my words, I’m going to let Cameron’s pictures give you a sense of the day.

Norman picking out the fly... only fly we used all day.

Ready for action

The magic fly for the day.

A tagged bonefish... nice.

Fish on.

Tagging the fish.