Mar 13

Cliff Box Scavenger Hunt, Day 2

OK… the give away is in full swing and thanks to everyone who has participated thus far. To be included in that, please go to that page and leave your reply there.

I thought I’d add another bonus question after Jenn nailed the Belize City Airport bar yesterday.

So… please find, on this site… which Cliff boxes I use myself for my bonefish flies and tell me the name of those boxes (I use two of the same style Cliff boxes). Tricky, eh?

Comment on this page and I’ll send the winner a few flies. First correct answer gets a few flies (3-6, depending on how lazy I get).

I have no idea why I keep committing to give away flies, since it means I have to tie them and they don’t end up going in my boxes. However, I like giving things away and I happen to be able to tie flies. I am not going to make a rod, or build a boat and I don’t currently own a lodge, but I can give away some flies that I tie myself, so that is what I’m going to do.

I’m writing this from the Phoenix Airport… three hours to kill until my flight back home. I brought Kaufmann’s “Bonefishing!” along for a little light reading.

A little light reading

A little light reading

Mar 13

Cliff Box and My Flies Give Away

UPDATE: The box was won by Colin from Naples, FL. Sorry all, the contest is closed.

Thanks to Cliff Outdoors for giving me this box to fill with bonefish goodness.

There they are.

There they are.

So. How do you win these flies and the Cliff box?

Simple. You need to answer the following questions in a comment below, on this page. Please number each of your replies so we know which question you are answering.

  1. Where are Cliff boxes made?
  2. If you have FB, go ahead and like Cliff Outdoors and tell me what it is they are trying NOT to do (from their About page)
  3. Name three sponsors of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.
  4. Name two lodges participating in BTT’s Angler Participation program.
  5. Tell me your favorite fly rod and reel for bonefish.
  6. What is your favorite bonefish fly?

Bonus Question (I’ll send a few flies to the first person to answer this correctly… and that is Jenn, who got it… the bar in the Belize City Airport):

  • Where is the picture on the “Our Team” page on the Cliff Website taken (Hint, I was there in 2010 and 2012)?

Bam. That’s it. The contest will go live as of now and it will conclude probably in a week’s time at which point I’ll declare a winner and send this damn fine box off to a new home.




Feb 13

Cliff Box Update

I’ve been slow getting back to the vice to fill up the box from Cliff Outdoors, but I’ll make some headway this weekend.

Today, just 4 of the hot nosed gotchas, tied on a #4 Partridge.

More to come.

Four, lonely flies.

Four, lonely flies.

I love these flies… long, orange nose. Guides tend to love them too. The orange is supposed to elicit the orange of a shrimp’s egg sack. I don’t know if it actually does that, but they work. So, maybe it doesn’t matter what it is supposed to do. Orange + bonefish = goodness.

Jan 13

The Cliff Crab Shack and Bjorn Fly Give Away

OK… I think I know what we are going to do to give away the Cliff’s Crab Shack box that Cliff Outdoors gave me. First, I need to fill it with flies. My target # is 24. I’ll update over the coming weeks to show you how the box is coming along.

Once it is all filled and ready for you to go catch some fish I’ll put up a new post with the completed box and you will need to comment with one thing that happened on a fishing trip (preferably bonefishing, but it doesn’t have to be). Just one random thing. Anything. Sticking to random, I’ll choose a random winner and send this box off to them.

So, in the immortal words of Eric Cantona, “Watch this space.”

This is where the flies go.

This is where the flies go.

Jan 13

Crab Shack

The flu is still with me and I hope that explains why I’ve been a little slow on the postings this week.

I got a package in the mail yesterday. It was mostly destroyed and it came in a plastic bag from the USPS with a note saying “whoa, totally sorry about destroying your package.” I paraphrased. Inside the ravaged package was a box from Cliff Outdoors and the box was, somehow, totally unharmed. Awesome.

The box was given to me (thanks Cliff) to fill up with my flies and give away to you good people.

With my brain full of flu, I put in the box what I think would be most useful.

My selection of Vics.

My selection of Vics.

I may think better of this in the morning. Stay tuned. I need to fill up the box and then figure out a good way to decide who to give this to.

Why a Cliff Box? Well, that is what I use myself.  Typically, I bring two boxes out, both Cliff Bugger Barns and any pack I take out needs to fit those two boxes, which are a little longer than most others and certainly longer than this Crab Shack. I like the boxes. They hold the flies well and it is easy to get the flies in and out. I also like that those boxes are made in Wyoming and not China.