Cliff Box and My Flies Give Away

UPDATE: The box was won by Colin from Naples, FL. Sorry all, the contest is closed.

Thanks to Cliff Outdoors for giving me this box to fill with bonefish goodness.

There they are.

There they are.

So. How do you win these flies and the Cliff box?

Simple. You need to answer the following questions in a comment below, on this page. Please number each of your replies so we know which question you are answering.

  1. Where are Cliff boxes made?
  2. If you have FB, go ahead and like Cliff Outdoors and tell me what it is they are trying NOT to do (from their About page)
  3. Name three sponsors of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.
  4. Name two lodges participating in BTT’s Angler Participation program.
  5. Tell me your favorite fly rod and reel for bonefish.
  6. What is your favorite bonefish fly?

Bonus Question (I’ll send a few flies to the first person to answer this correctly… and that is Jenn, who got it… the bar in the Belize City Airport):

  • Where is the picture on the “Our Team” page on the Cliff Website taken (Hint, I was there in 2010 and 2012)?

Bam. That’s it. The contest will go live as of now and it will conclude probably in a week’s time at which point I’ll declare a winner and send this damn fine box off to a new home.




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  1. Cornelis van Leeuwen

    1. Wyoming
    2. they don’t let you bend over…
    3. Costa , Patagonia , Hell’s bay boatworks
    4. Boca Paila fishing lodge , Pez Raton fishing lodge
    5. Rod : Guideline LPXE RS #8 Reel : Nautilus 8
    6. Gotcha !

    Bonus question : el pescador Belize

  2. 1 – Casper, WY
    2 – They’re trying not to bend me over….thanks
    3 – Orvis, TFO and Patagonia
    4 – Andros South and Pesca Maya
    5 – Sage Vantage 8wt 4pc with Nautilus CCF8
    6 – Bonecrusher – watched Larry Dahlberg a bunch before my first trip and caught nearly all my fish on it at Mangrove.
    Bonus – I’m seeing the bar from Cheer’s?? (was looking for Belize though)

  3. 1. Casper, WY
    2. Trying not to bend us over.
    3. Costa, Patagonia, Frontiers Travel
    4. Andros South, Pesca Maya
    5. Loop Cross S1 w/ Opti Runner reel
    6. EP Spawning Shrimp
    Bonus – I am also seeing Cliff and Norm at Cheer’s – but I am pretty sure the photo of Cliff on the next page was taken at El Pescador in Belize.

    Thanks for putting together a sweet giveaway, Bjorn.

  4. So hard to not copy/paste….must be strong and look up answers……
    Ahhh, I don’t need the box. Give to some lucky newbie. I’ll take some more of your flies though. They are freakin’ sweet. Better than any store-bought ones. But—-
    #5 Winston BIII-SX 7wt. Lamson size 4
    #6 Any Bjorn special, but probably a spawning shrimp or a plain old Crazy Charlie

  5. 1. Casper, WY
    2. Trying not to bend me over
    3. Patagonia, Costa, Hell’s Bay
    4. Deep Water Cay Club, El Pescador
    5. Loomis NRX 8wt + Tibor Everglades QC
    6. Crazy Charlie

    Bonus: Norm and Cliff on that page, and I think the next is El Pescador.

  6. 1. Wyoming
    2. They won’t bend you over…
    3. Patagonia, Ford, Orvis
    4.Andros South, El Pescador
    5. Sage One 8wt and Lamson Lightspeed
    6. Xmas Island Special


  7. 1.made in casper, wyoming USA
    2.They are trying to NOT, um, “bend you over”
    3. Costa, Orvis, Hell’s Bay
    4. Abaco Lodge, Andros South
    5. For the one bonefish trip that I take a year, I use one of my setups that I use at home for steelhead also, a fast 9ft 8wt St. Croix and Ross Vexsis spooled with Rio Bonefish line
    6. Lots of favorites, Gotcha variations with rubber legs, but the go to fly on my most recent trip was a simple shrimp pattern of my own design.

  8. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. No intent of the “bendover”
    3. Orvis, Buff, Hell’s Bay Boatworks,
    4. Deneki/Andros South, El Pescador Belize
    5. Sage TCX/ Lamson Waterworks Litespeed
    6. Mantis Shrimp
    Bonus – At first I thought it would be the tiki bar at Andros South, but it looks more like Cheers in Beantown with Norm and “Cliffy”

  9. 1 Wyoming
    2They won’t bend you over
    3Costa, Patagonia, Frontiers Travel
    4Boca Paila fishing lodge , Pez Raton fishing lodge
    5rod make my own useing CTS blanks there called BACK CREEK CUSTOM FLY RODS reel Shimano bio craft
    6Duffers spam and eggs

  10. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. “…without bending you over.”
    3. Hell’s Bay Boatworks, The Fly Fish Journal, Costa
    4. Andros South, Deep Water Cay Club
    5. Winston BIII-SX 7-WT with Hatch Finatic 7+
    6. #4 Classic Crazy Charlie with tan wing (killed it in North Andros)

    Bonus: Boston, other photo is probably El Pescador

  11. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. “the bend over” isn’t your style!
    3. Patagonia, Hell’s Bay, Costa
    4. El Pescador and Pesca Maya
    5. Rio Bonefish line on my hatch finatic (also!) and Orvis helios 2 9-weight 9′ Fly Rod
    6. mink shrimp!

    Bonus: Columbia?

  12. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. Cliff is trying not to bend us over
    3. Patagonia, Hells Bay, Orvis
    4. El Pescador and Deep Water Cay
    5. Orvis Helios 7 wt with a Nautilus FWX 7/8
    6. it’s a tie between a Crazy Charlie and Gotchas
    BONUS – the Our Team page is Cheers/Boston, but the Cliff his Ownself page is at Jet’s in the Phillip Goldston Airport, Belize City, BZE

    Hook a girl up with some flies, Bjorn!

  13. 1. Wyoming
    2. our aim is to design and manufacture the highest quality, most practical fly fishing accessories without bending you over
    3. TFO fly rods, Costa sunglasses, Orvis
    4. Abaco & El Pescador
    5. TFO TiCr 9′ 8wt & Redington Rise reel
    6. Super Gotcha

  14. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. “Won’t Bend You Over”
    3. Patagonia, Costa and Orvis
    4. Belize River Lodge and El Pescador
    5. New Sage 1 and Nautalis Reel, and Rio Quickshooter line, soon to be used in Eleuthera!
    6. Phil’s Special tie of a Christmas Island Special
    Bonus: El Pescador Grand Slam Bar, Belize

  15. 1. Wyoming – Casper
    2. “At Cliff Outdoors, our aim is to design and manufacture the highest quality, most practical fly fishing accessories without bending you over.”
    3. Costa, Hells Bay and Ford
    4.Belize River and Casa Blanca lodges
    5. My favorite and first and only outfit is a Redington cpx 8wt and a Tibor everglades 8wt.
    6. Crazy charlie
    Bonus…..? Belize??

  16. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. not to bend you over
    3. Costa, Patagonia, Frontiers
    4. Andros South & El Pescador
    5. Winston-Ibis, 8wt cou[led with a Ross Big Game 5 reel
    6. Squimp
    Jetts Bar
    7. the Our Team picture is at Cheers Bar in Boston
    Cliff His Ownself at Jetts Bar at Phillip Goldston International Airport in Belize City
    Just a note; this infrequent bonefisherman, from Montana, would give these flies a prompt test & send you feedback as to the results they generated, on March 26th, the day I get back from Mayaguana, Bahamas. My 1st trip there & hopefully my 1st bonefish over 5 lbs.

  17. 1. Casper, WY
    2. Not to bend you over
    3. Costa, Patagonia, Hell’s Bay Boatworks
    4. Belize River Lodge and El Pescador
    5. Sage XI3 8wt. paired with the Sage 6000 in champagne. If you’re gonna get a nice saltwater reel and it’s available in the champagne, well, is there any question what color to get? At least, that was my thought process at the time of purchase.
    6. Crazy Charlies in pink cuz they always seem to save the day

  18. 1. Casper, WY
    2. They are trying not to bend you over.
    3. Patagonia, Ascension Bay Bonefish Club, Deneki Outdoors
    4. Palometa Club, Casa Blanca
    5. Sage Xi2 – 7 wt and a deep-blue Abel Super 7. Sooo sweet!
    6. Kwan – Tan and Chartreusse w/ weedguard. must. have. weedguard….

  19. 1. Casper, WY
    2. Trying not to bend me over
    3. Orvis, Costa, Patagonia
    4. Deep Water Cay Club, Casa Blanca
    5. Sage One 7wt + Ross Evolution LT4
    6. Gotcha

    Bonus: Belize

  20. 1. Casper, Wyoming
    2. I dont get the BOHICA (bend over here it comes again)
    3. Orvis, Hell’s bay boatworks, Costa
    4. Andros South, Deep Water Cay
    5. Orvis Helios H2 8wt, Reel : Orvis Mirage 5 or Abel Super 9 in Dorado finish
    6. anything with barred rubber legs light or tan and orange thread.

  21. 1 – casper, wy
    2 – bend me over
    3 – costa, this is fly, patagonia
    4 – pesca maya, el pescador, abaco lodge
    5 – sage tcx, orvis battenkill 8wt
    6 – peterson’s spawning shrimp

    cheers bar, boston

  22. 1. Casper, WY
    2. They’re trying not to, uhm, “bend you over.”
    3. El Pescador, BUFF, Deep Water Cay
    4. Andros South, El Pescador
    5. Loomis GLX, Lamson Vanquish (if I could afford them); as of now I fish with an 8-wt St Croix Avid and an Okuma Vashon
    6. Either a pink Gotcha or one of Craig Mathews’ Pops Bonefish Bitters

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