Mar 11

Rods for Andros

The race to get ready for Andros turned out to be a bit of a sprint.  I was waiting on three packages that ended up all coming on Thursday (I left on Friday).  One of those packages had gear from Redington… two rods, a 7 and a 10, and two reels.  When they arrived I could finally really get serious about what I was bringing with me.  So… here’s my quiver for Andros.

Main Bonefish Rod – Rise Level 9′ 8 wt. ($250)

Fun Bonefish Rod – Redington CPX 9’6″ 7 wt ($330)

Barracuda/Tarpon/Other Rod – Redington RS4 9′ 10 wt. ($220)

So, all told, $800 of rods along.

When I went to Belize in November I had three rods along, but the combined value was closer to $2,200 (two Sage Xi3’s and an Orvis Helios).  So, I’m taking a different approach on this trip.

The two Redington rods are loaners and the Rise is a rod I own, but didn’t pay for (to fully disclose all that should be disclosed).

I’ve only cased the Rise rod once on grass and the Redington rods are totally virgin.  In fact, I didn’t realize that the 7 wt. was a 9’6″er until a few minutes ago.  Longer is usually not encouraged for bones due to windy conditions, but I caught my first bonefish on a 9’6″ St. Croix 7 wt., so, this is like coming home a bit.

I thought about bringing a 9 along, but in the end I figured three rods was probably good and I was pretty close to the recommendations made by Deneki for South Andros fishing.

As you read this, I’ll probably be in the air or waiting for flights on my way to FIBFest.  By the time the day ends I will have a Kalik in hand and I’ll be on Androsian soil.

Mar 11

Deneki – Bonefishing 101 – Andros South

There is a reason why I keep posting stuff about Deneki Outdoors and it isn’t because I’m going to FIBFest 2.  Deneki posts up great content all the time.  Some of it is educational, like their newly released Bonefishing 101 guide.  Other posts are about the guides, the Androsian people, the experience.  Day, after day… great stuff.  Makes ya want to go there.

More about Bonefishing 101…

What is Bonefishing 101? It’s a .pdf file that you can download to your computer, and it covers the fundamentals of bonefishing.

* The Ready Position

* Casting on the Flats

* Spotting Bonefish

* Setting the Hook

* Fighting Bonefish

via Bonefishing Tips | Free Download | Bonefishing 101.

If this is Bonefishing 101, surely the week I’ll be spending down at Andros South will be something along the lines of graduate work.


Feb 11

The Return of FIBFest – Andros South

I don’t really know how many people have been reading the blog consistently over the past year, but I’d bet not that many of you.  Last year, when FIBFest was going on down at Andros South I was only getting about 90 readers a day.  These days I get about 225 or so.  For new readers all you need to know is that I got the invite to Andros South last year as part of a fly fishing blogger boondoggle and couldn’t do it… life got in the way… a move, a home sale, a 3 year old.  I just couldn’t make it happen, which was kind of crushing.

This year, things have fallen in my favor.  Deneki is announcing today the official line-up for FIBFest II down in South Andros and I’ll be there.

My mug will be in these shots soon.

One aspect I’m particularly excited about is the prospect of tagging some bonefish for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  I asked Andrew if that were a possibility and he said “Hell yeah!”

This is going to be one heck of a trip and I’ll take readers along as much as is possible (which is through the blog, in case anyone was reaching for a passport there).

The hunting grounds of Andros South.

The other FIBers (Fly Industry Bloggers) are chiming in as well…

Like Michael Gracie

And… Kyle Perkins over at Complete Thought

Jan 11

Reading Mangrove Flats – Aaron Adams via Deneki

Aaron sent us this video about evaluating mangrove flats as bonefish habitat, and we knew we had to pass it on.

In the video, Aaron covers these points and more.

* Evaluating bottom structure.

* The significance of algae growth on the bottom and on mangrove roots.

* Signs of other life on the flats.

via Reading Mangrove Flats | Bonefish Habitat.

Hot damn.  Check it out. Go to the link above.

Jan 11

Harmonic Convergence – Andros 2011

A small miracle has occurred here… I’m not sure who gets the credit for it towards sainthood.  I may be my wife and that would make three in her favor… the first was her marrying me, the second was her making it through a sucky pregnancy to give us our beautiful daughter and this third one involves her signing off on me going on a fishing trip, for a week, to South Andros this coming March (that’s like… only TWO MONTHS AWAY).  I await word from the Catholic Church on the beatification of my wife, although we are not Catholic.

Fractional miracle credit goes to my parents, who are actually available to come down and watch our their granddaughter in my absence, and to the good folks at Deneki Outdoors, who extended the invite as part of FIBFest 2011.

Everything had to align and it did.  Thanks to that, I’ll be headed to Andros Island, fabled land of incredible bonefishing, come late March.

You good folks will get to come along (not literally, of course) and I look forward to the build up.  It is so nice to have something out there to look forward to, to plan, to tie for, to experience and then remember.

I’m lucky and I live with a saint.

FIBFest 2010... which I had to miss.

More details will be emerging in the days to come.


Nov 10

Bonefish and Tides, Aaron Adams, Deneki

Aaron Adams did a fantastic bit for Deneki on bonefish and tides over at the Deneki blog.  Check it out.

Aaron Adams is one of the leading authorities on bonefish science. He’s the Director of Operations for Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, one of the organizations out there at the forefront of research on bonefish. Even better, Aaron’s an angler himself, and that means he’s written some great science pieces that can also help you catch fish!

via Bonefish and Tides | Aaron Adams from Bonefish and Tarpon Trust.

Sep 10

Your First Bonefish – Deneki Outdoors

This is why Deneki is pretty much awesome.   Check out this little bit of goodness that just went up on the Deneki blog.  He posts new content every day and it is consistently good stuff.

So you’re thinking about going bonefishing? Awesome! It’s a highly addictive sport in an amazing setting.

via (story link) Your First Bonefish.

Sep 10


For the next few days the fly fishing world  will be focused on Denver and the industry show going on there.  You can follow the action from bloggers, tweeters and industry types if you know where to look.

There is a Social Media Lounge at the event, and the hashtag #IFTD should get you some of the goods.

Deneki is going to be there.

The Fiberglass Manifesto and Michael Gracie are going to be there.

One of the blogs to really check will be the Complete Thought blog, as he”s actually working the show, manning the Social Media Lounge.

Keep your eyes open for what’s new.

Aug 10

Deneki on Wading in Shallow Water

Some tips from Deneki Outdoors.  Deneki = Ruling

Bonefish swimming in very shallow water are often at their spookiest, especially when the water’s calm as well. If you’re chasing shallow water bonefish on foot, these handy tips will help you get your fly into that fish’s mouth – which isn’t going to happen if you spook him first.

via Wading in Shallow Water – Tips.

The good folks at Deneki put out some really top shelf stuff. Follow them, friend them and go to Andros South.

Jul 10

Distance Learning from Deneki

Deneki Outdoors has long been one of my favorite websites for my bonefish fix…  he simply puts up a lot of interesting content.

The most recent post is 4 Things to Learn About Bonefish… all from one simple photo.

I’m not going to steal his thunder… go ahead and visit the site and check it out.

Thinking about what I might be able to illustrate in one photo…

4 Things from this photo:

  1. The Upper Sacramento does get warm enough to wet wade.
  2. A wading staff isn’t just to keep you from filling your waders.
  3. I am whiter than is reasonable… or appealing… or healthy.
  4. When you are really hung over, you can sleep anywhere.

Ah… my 20’s….