Apr 11

Skinny Water Culture fishes Nassau

I was a bit skeptical at first but the first flat (and only flat) we pulled up on was loaded with fish, some BIG fish, tailing away happy as could be.

via Skinny Water Culture: Bone on a Big Boat.

Nassau is not known as a bonefishing destination… more for cruise ships and resorts… but there are bones there and the good folks over at SWC caught some.



Oct 09

Clearly, it is our duty to go to the Bahamas

Financial Times contributor John O’Connor took one for the team and went to the Bahamas in September where he wrote about the decline in tourism, the impact it has had on the local economy of the Bahamas and Nassau, in particular.  Amidst talking about unemployment at 20% on Nassau and massive staff cuts at some of those big resort/casino’s, John also found time to go bonefishing with guide Aaron “Big Bone” Bain.  John says his skillz leave something to be desired, but that his guide gets him into fish, including an 8 pounder within 1/2 hour.  Not bad… not bad at all.

The article is an interesting read for anyone interested in how the Bahamas are weathering the economic storm.

I found the below video from an unrelated bonefishing trip with Aaron Bain.


It is nice to know that quality bones can be caught in Nassau, as it is the easiest island to get to and there are  loads and loads of deals for the interested angler these days with low occupancy and lower air fares that have been seen in recent memory.

I quick scan didn’t reveal Aaron Bain’s guide business details.

Aug 09

Help Stop the Netting in Nassau

Ran across this blog from Nassau that talked about illegal netting of bonefish taking place in Nassau.  The author of the post (Nassau Fly Fishing) says that just a few emails will make a difference and so I encourage y’all to do just that… email the Minister of Fisheries and ask that he step up enforcement of illegal netting and poaching.  Encourage him to follow the example of Belize, where gamefish such as Bones, tarpon and permit are catch & release only.

See the whole post and find the email address to mail to here.  http://nassauflyfishing.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/34/

These douchebags are netting bonefish.

So… Go get’em!