Help Stop the Netting in Nassau

Ran across this blog from Nassau that talked about illegal netting of bonefish taking place in Nassau.  The author of the post (Nassau Fly Fishing) says that just a few emails will make a difference and so I encourage y’all to do just that… email the Minister of Fisheries and ask that he step up enforcement of illegal netting and poaching.  Encourage him to follow the example of Belize, where gamefish such as Bones, tarpon and permit are catch & release only.

See the whole post and find the email address to mail to here.

These douchebags are netting bonefish.

So… Go get’em!

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  1. This is what I heard back from the Minister…

    Dear Bjorn
    Thank you for your interest.
    Please be informed that it is against the law to net (haul) bonefish in the Bahamas.
    Any incidence of netting of bonefish should be reported to the Police or Fisheries Officers immediately.


    L Cartwright

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