Apr 12

The Fin – T&C Part II

The Fin recently went to Turks & Caicos for round two of his DIY adventure.

the one hour of fishing you get when the sun is high enough to see fish until the first kid runs through the flat can be awesome.

Jan 12

A little DIY from T&C

Found a story about fishing T&C… a DIY venture with a little bit of success.

T&C seems to have some of the most expensive guides anywhere.


Feb 11

Bonefishing Honeymoon

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Trying to play on that theme I found a story about a bonefishing honeymoon.

The Fall issue of the Times of the Island is now available with a great article “If You Love Me, Let Me Fish….A newley wed’s quest for Provo bonefish.”

via Times of the Island Bonefishing Honeymoon « MyTurksAndCaicosBlog.com.

Now, it turns out my first wife and I honeymooned in a location that also has bonefish.  I didn’t know that at the time and bonefish hadn’t camped out in my waking thoughts back then.  I used to be glad that I didn’t know bones back then, but now… I wish I knew. Could have saved some time.

Cool island.

Aug 10

Turks & Caicos Bonefishing Trip via MidCurrent

IN ALL DIRECTIONS around me I can see nothing but an endless world of blue and green — water, mangroves, sky. There are no other boats or people, nothing but the wind blowing notes through my rod guides.

via Fly Fishing Trip: Turks & Caicos Bonefish – MidCurrent.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Check out the whole story on the MidCurrent site.

Jul 10

Chalk Sound National Park

Our pools are just one kid peeing in the pool or a dirty diaper away from a verdant bloom. Chalk Sound’s fate rests precariously on the functionality of the human septic systems that now line its shores.

via Chalk Sound National Park: Beauty and ecology.

A pretty looking spot in T&C that is facing some challenges.  Thar be bonefish there as well.


Nov 09

Turks and Caicos Bonefish Heaven

A great story from the Island life blog MyTurksAndCaicosBlog.com featuring some great fishing and nice pics.

One of the bones caught and released that day.

The MyTurksAndCaicosBlog.com has some good stories on it… little bits of the island lifestyle.  It’s on my RSS feed for that bit of the tropical.