Mar 10

Mexico for Torros

Maybe people don’t actually GO to Mexico to fish for Jack Crevalle, but I’m going for a little 2/3 family trip to Vallarta and I’m going to bring a couple rods.  Tying up a few patterns to complete my beach box.  Last year I got a nice Torro from the beach, so I’m bringing some bigger flies this year.  We’ll see.

Jig Clouser for Torro

Dec 09

The bad with the good

For two days I went out and turned up zeros.  The mud flowing from the river was visible, clearly, from the 4th floor deck.  Darn rain.  Today I went out anyway… back to the river mouth.

It was EPIC.  The gulls and pelicanos were crashing bait and the fishing was amazing.  I must have landed 30-40 fish, mostly Jack Crevalle.  This was on my 8/9 Albright with a 7 wt. sink tip… trying to improvise.  I had my 7 wt. with a clear sink on the shore.  I had many fish on back to back casts.  It was just a crazy, crazy day of fishing.  I was out for three hours, longer than I was supposed to be fishing.  I was bringing some fish back for some of the guys working at the resort and when I had “enough” I headed back.

Went to grab that back up rod… missing… stolen, really.  Well… the fishing will remain amazing, but my estimation of the local fisherman took a bit of a nosedive.  Probably not fair, but, the wound is fresh.

About a 2 pound Jack Crevalle (aka Toro), last fish of a great day of fishing.

I guess the bright side is that I get to do some rod shopping now.  This will be my Christmas present from my wife.  I’ll probably try to fill the gap I have in my rod selection with a solid and pure 8 weight, since I have another 7, although it is a 2 piece and not a 4.

UPDATE: Went out the next day, my last fishing day of the trip.  The fishing was almost as good although the biggest fish was a bit smaller.  I have bruises on the right side of my ribcage from the fighting butt.  Those are good bruises to have.  Caught five species of fish.  I had some really good fishing down from the beach with one big fish and lots and lots of smaller fish.  I do have a strange rash now on my legs that I’m about 95% certain is from the river water, but hey… again… gotta take the bad with the good.

Fish Species caught on this trip:

Nov 09

Toro! Toro! Toro!

Another day here in Vallarta, still no bonefish.  However… today I caught a Toro, also known as a Pacific Jack Crevalle, that was 12.8 pounds.  I’ve caught a ton of these down here… but mostly around a pound… this fish was just lovely.  Had me so far in my backing I could see the spool.  Probably broke my 7 wt. reel, actually.  Took about 20 minutes to land. 

I couldn’t be happier at the moment.

Now, normally, I’m a Catch and Release guy all around… but after 20 minutes, I had my doubts if this fish would survive.  I brought it back to the resort and had it prepared for dinner.  It was yummy.  Way more food that we could eat, so we fed many of the staff tonight.  This is my largest saltwater fish to date.

Good times.


Nov 09

Vallarta II

Second day from the beach today.  Good times were had.  Not big fish, but lots of them.  This isn’t flats fishing or sight fishing, but it is a lot of fun on a family vacation.  Must have landed 25 or so little Jack Crevelle, just myself, out there at the river mouth all by myself.  Came back and my daughter wasn’t up from her nap yet.  Nice.

Basically, I go to the river mouth here in Vallarta and throw a sly line on my 7 wt. with a clouser and… well… it is fun.  Not big fish, but lots of them.  Great for a family vacation where the focus is on pool time with my daughter and wife.

I got a Buff for this trip (and for the Bahamas in January).  I was worried it would be too hot.  It isn’t.  It = Totally Ruling.  No sunburn on my neck or on my nose or… anywhere.  I’m pretty frigging impressed with Buffs.

Lots of these make for a fun time.



Nov 09


About two hours of casting from the shore by the river mouth.
5 fish to hand, 3 Jack Crevelle. Good times on the 7 wt.
Vacation = Ruling

(Slow internet connection)

One of my first day fish

Nov 09

Non-Bonefish Vallarta Tips Accepted

If anyone was wondering, I’d totally take some advice about shore fishing around Vallarta/Punta Mita… ya know, if you know anything about it.

A... um... fish... of some sort... caught from the shore in Vallarta.