Nov 14


Yup, Thanksgiving was great and even now, I’m a bit stuffed (and yet still kind of eyeing the pumpkin pie). I did the whole thing… turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, dressing, raspberry jello salad. Turned out great and was happy to share it with family.

I made that.

I made that.

Thoughts are turning toward 2015 and what should be a pretty fantastic year.

First, I need to get 5 folks signed up for Grand Bahama. This trip doesn’t happen without the group, whoever that group turns out to be.

A Grand Bahama Bone

A Grand Bahama Bone

I’m starting to think about the patterns I really need for Water Cay, the things that have worked in Grand Bahama for me in the past, the things I’ve hears Scott talk about in terms of what has worked for him.

I’m thinking about gear and wondering how those knots would hold up against something truly large.

I’m making a list of gear that included my rain jacket and maybe getting hold some sunglasses more suited for low light situations.

2015… it’s going to be a good time.

Feb. 7-14, Water Cay Lodge – Hosted trip with Bonefish on the Brain through Angling Destinations. If you are interested, contact me at bjornorama@yahoo.com.

Nov 14

The Plan, Coming Together – Water Cay, Feb. 7-14

OK, who wants to go fishing?

Specifically, who wants to go look for big fish out of Water Cay, Feb. 7-14?

This is Big Fish water at a Big Fish time of year.

I got to visit Water Cay briefly in 2012 and I liked what I saw. Scott has been going here for a while and has helped develop the lodge there. He has a pretty good view into “The Water Cay Method.

So… Who is in?

Oct 13

The good news and the other good news

You may, or may not, know I’m going to be having a boy here in a little less than 2 months. You may, or may not, know I’ve been largely unemployed for the past 70 days.



Do you see the problem there with the whole “baby on the way” and “no steady paycheck” thing?

Well, that problem no longer exists. Happy to say I’m back in the world of the fully-employed. Even better, it isn’t training Orcas.

Fun, right?

Fun, right?

This is good news.

I’m also doing some work with Angling Destinations and the good news is that I got both of my hosted trips for 2014 cleared ahead of time (Water Cay on Feb. 15-22 and Ragged Island on March 15-22). So, glad to be back among the fully employed and very excited to maybe fish with some of you folks in 2014.

Let’s go.

Let the good times roll.

Oct 13

Some possibilities for 2014

OK… here’s the status of what I’m looking at for 2014, in terms of hosted trips. Please let me know if you want to be in the loop on any of these.

Water Cay Lodge – this is the only one set right now. Feb. 15-22 at Water Cay in Grand Bahama.

I'll be walking onto this dock in February.

I’ll be walking onto this dock in February.

Ragged Island – I’m trying to nail this one down. I talked to the lodge owner last week and we are looking at different air options to get us to the island. There is no regular service, so you have to charter. Ragged is a pretty unpressured place, but the quality of guide is equally untested, so you won’t have the classic Androsian guide on Ragged. Still… with naive fish, it should still be a fantastic trip.

I’d like to be here.

Something in Andros… maybe the Sea Hunter, maybe a lodge, but it is possible I’ll be heading to Andros some time in 2014.

Mexico live aboard, September. This would be a trip to a remote atoll to fish for some fairly unpressured bones and maybe some permit as well. I know one or two readers have been on this trip with some good reports.

May 12

Tips from Fly Paper

Check out Fly Paper for some tips about bonefishing from Water Cay. Pretty long post.  Check it out.

Let’s be clear, if fishing is your top priority and you believe that the only fisherman you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be, then the info below is your bell ringing.