Some possibilities for 2014

OK… here’s the status of what I’m looking at for 2014, in terms of hosted trips. Please let me know if you want to be in the loop on any of these.

Water Cay Lodge – this is the only one set right now. Feb. 15-22 at Water Cay in Grand Bahama.

I'll be walking onto this dock in February.

I’ll be walking onto this dock in February.

Ragged Island – I’m trying to nail this one down. I talked to the lodge owner last week and we are looking at different air options to get us to the island. There is no regular service, so you have to charter. Ragged is a pretty unpressured place, but the quality of guide is equally untested, so you won’t have the classic Androsian guide on Ragged. Still… with naive fish, it should still be a fantastic trip.

I’d like to be here.

Something in Andros… maybe the Sea Hunter, maybe a lodge, but it is possible I’ll be heading to Andros some time in 2014.

Mexico live aboard, September. This would be a trip to a remote atoll to fish for some fairly unpressured bones and maybe some permit as well. I know one or two readers have been on this trip with some good reports.



  1. Bjorn, The Mangrove Cay Club on Andros is five star — in terms of fishing, guides, lodging and food. But there is also a great DIY alternative on the Cay: the Seascape Inn. Check out their website. Fine wadeable flats out the front door and around the Cay — all accessible by foot via bicycle (available at the Inn) or by taxi. Seascape can also put you in touch with local independent flats guides. The Inn has five cabins and can take 10 guests at a time.


  2. Well dang, bro. Good stuff. Unpressured permit atoll, eh? Interesting. Makes me wish I had an actual job with an actual income. Would love to have some of that.

    PS. Where does that leave us for the Keys and tarpon season?

  3. I’ll second Bill in noting Seascape Inn. My wife and I have stayed there twice. when the tide starts to rise the flat out front usually has a few schools of bones push through. Mickey and Joan who run it are good people.

  4. Sounds like a great place.

  5. Enjoy your site! You should try a late season trip to Costa de Cocos in Xcalak, MX. They routinely have a two for one special August thru November. (Check Yellow Dog specials for pricing) I have been twice and DIY Bonefishing also goes to the area. It is a great place at a great price. Friendly and fisherman focused. Mostly bonefish <4#, lots of permit, and a few baby tarpon in the lagoons. I'd be a player!

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