Tips from Fly Paper

Check out Fly Paper for some tips about bonefishing from Water Cay. Pretty long post.  Check it out.

Let’s be clear, if fishing is your top priority and you believe that the only fisherman you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be, then the info below is your bell ringing.

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  1. phil thompson

    Excellent content. First time I heard a bonefish strike the surface was out of a deep water mud. I’ve also caught fish from a panicked school streaming down the shore by stripping the fly through the middle of the water column. Like tarpon fishing it’s a game of numbers. With so many fish filing past, one has to eat.

  2. Hi Bjorn,

    I’ve seen bones feeding on windrows of termites a couple of times on Eleuthera Bahama’s. Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

    Both instances occured on clear/calm bright mornings following late afternoon storms with heavy rain and wind the day before. One of those evenings while driving it was impossible not to notice the absolutely incredible swarming hatches of termites flying about. It was necessary to run our windshield washer/wipers constantly just to keep it clear “splat! splat!”. I imagine what happened was the strong winds of the storm blew the termites off course out over open water where they eventually settled en masse. The slight breeze of the next morning organized all the dead and dying termites in perfect windrows where you could likely scoop a 100 or so with one dip of the hand.

    Those mornings, the bones were swimming around lazily under the windrows scarfing back mouthfulls of those little critters. As described in the “Fly paper” article, each mouthfull was accompanied by a recognizable slurping/popping sound.

    Just proves that bones; like virtually all fish are creatures of opportunity and it makes me wonder what other oddball feeding situations occur and are they predictable enough to capitalize on?



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