The Plan, Coming Together – Water Cay, Feb. 7-14

OK, who wants to go fishing?

Specifically, who wants to go look for big fish out of Water Cay, Feb. 7-14?

This is Big Fish water at a Big Fish time of year.

I got to visit Water Cay briefly in 2012 and I liked what I saw. Scott has been going here for a while and has helped develop the lodge there. He has a pretty good view into “The Water Cay Method.

So… Who is in?



  1. I love that blog and can’t wait to try the Wk method. Unfortunately I’m going to be in Acklins about that time -if all goes well with my foot. I can’t wait to try GBI. It costs more than Acklins. What’s your price for 6 day of guided fishing? Thanks.

  2. Bummer you can’t make it.

    Cost is $3,495, making it a pretty good deal for what you actually get. These guides can go head to head with the best and these are their waters. I’m excited.

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