The best comments thread anywhere is on MidCurrent

One of the bones of 2014

One of the bones of 2014

The MidCurrent story on the Bahamas stuff was interesting, sure, but the comments… the comments are pure gold. You simply have to read this stuff, especially the very well reasoned and level-headed responses from Stephen Vletas (author, along with his wife, of The Bahamas Fly Fishing Guide).

I can’t do any better than he did… and I mean, I really can’t. He knows the history because he was part of it and his even-tempered replies are just fantastic reading.


I’m not so good at remaining civil in the face of the rhetoric. It’s a shortcoming of mine. Give me another 40 years and maybe I’ll make some headway on that. Stephen Vletas is the voice of reason that I sometimes am not. Read it. Now. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.


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  1. Tolerating rhetoric gets harder as you get older, not easier.

  2. But the cool part is that when you get to my age, you don’t have to tolerate rhetoric and even better – you don’t give a damn if that bothers anyone.

  3. Bjorn, thanks for this. Just spent the last hour reading the entire thread. Amazing. Thank you.

  4. I wonder what you thought about the Cayman Islands being mentioned. Thoughts?

  5. What? Where? Really?

  6. Waaaaay down in the comments… from Alex A.

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