The Deal with Los Roques and Nationalization

Douchebag-in-Chief, Hugo, is nationalizing some property in Los Roques (saw this on Buster Wants to Fish).

Of course, that made me (and lots of other folks) wonder “What’s this mean for the lodges and bonefishing?”

I reached out to Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing to see what he was hearing from his partner down at Sightcast.  This is what he heard back:

We read this article and a couple of similar ones.  This is not the first
time case a similar is in the media but this time the news was all around
the world.

We do not see any issue with our operation or Los Roques regular tourism.
Chavez said that he will expropriate some 9 houses that are located at
Madrisky (the nearest beach of Gran Roque) and a couple of houses at the
end of the air strip. The first ones since the goverment says that they
were built without authorization and that the place is a private island
which is not legally possible and the ones at end of airport for security
reasons.  Besides this, the National Park is looking to revoke 3 or 4
concessions of lodges that were transferred to third parties some years
ago without authorization.  These cases have been discussed during the
last 3 or 4 years but seems that now is when the government is taking an

Most of the lodges, fishing operations, scuba diving, etc. that need
authorization and are legally in place (as Sight Cast, for example), will
not have any problems so we think that these current actions will not have
an effect at all in terms of regular tourism.

It is a lot about politics and also, seems that this specific article
strenght thing that fears investors, etc. a lot of media without complete

During the last 12 years, we have dealt with similar issues and some
people understand that there is a lot of politics but will not affect
their fishing or vacation. We will inform you if any development that
affect us happens but we think this will not happen.

There… that’s from the horse’s mouth.  So, go ahead and plan your Los Roques trip and don’t worry about the one you had on the books.

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