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Hey… here’s something you might not know… Bruce Chard has been given the reigns over at the Fly Fisherman website of a saltwater blog.

Lots of good content showing up there. Check it out.

Lots of good advice and technical information to be found there.

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  1. Aloha Bruce! Congrats on your blog title!.
    Come on down to Honolulu and my guide/son Joaquin and I will take you out after our huge and plentiful bonefish! Check us out on my site at
    We invent new bonefish flys almost daily here, just to keep ahead of our wily bonefish!
    Tightlines, Louie the Fish!
    Cell 808 741 5622

  2. Going to Oahu in May 2012 is that a good time for bones

  3. Is there a bad time?

  4. That sounds right its just on my mind a bit

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