The latest Bahamas draft is here

The latest version of this dumpster fire is out. You can find it here.

This thing is supposed to be live on January 1, but there is no infrastructure set up yet. It seems very unlikely to be life Jan. 1, but at this point, who really knows?

Minister Gray seems singularly bad at administering pretty much anything, so, who knows?

From what I hear the meeting last week was illuminating. Again there was this rational that this legislation was needed because second home owners were running illegal bonefishing lodges. That, of course, is fantasy, but, ya know… there are folks in this country saying 3 million people voted illegally in California. Both claims have about equal veracity, but, if people feel it to be true it may not matter.

This is post-facts Bahamas. This is “acting in direct opposition of own economic interests” Bahamas. This is mind-numbing and frustrating and a bit like throwing pebbles at the waves (or flies at permit).

If I sign any deeper I’ll pass out.

Just a reminder… if you fish at a lodge, this really won’t impact you at all. You have a week with Oliver’s crew in Abaco or at Andros South, you will not be impacted by this. If you are fishing out of Deep Water Cay or Water Cay, you are totally fine. This doesn’t mess up most of the trips you might dream of taking in the Bahamas.

It does, however, screw with a lot of people… second home owners/skiff owners and DIY guys that used boats (even a two person canoe is out).

So, we wait and see. We wait to see if the legislation is going to go into effect on Jan. 1, like Mis-Minister Gray is insisting. We need to see how this is implemented and exactly how bad things get.




  1. Thanks for this update, Bjorn. Please keep us posted if you spot any new developments. I am also keen to better understand where I am supposed to buy my fishing license during working days as it looks like an online solution will probably take ages… Thanks again for your great blog

  2. An interesting thing was Elizabeth Bain’s comment that she would be able to get licenses for those staying at her lodge. This was in a previous version of the regs. Guides and lodges would be able to issue licenses, which means they could maybe not give them to DIY anglers. So, they may intend it to work that way without actually saying that. Who knows… could just be an oversight, could be intentional… this thing looks a long way from ready, but they insist it will be ready. I wouldn’t hold my breath..

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