5 things my fishing partners next week should know about me

I hear from Troutrageous that people love lists. Here’s a list of things my fishing partners should know about me when I storm into Florida next week.

Bjorn Adros after fishing casting

Me fishing, after fishing, in Andros.

  1. I can get a little intense. Not in an angry way, but in a talking-fast, animated kind of way. I was once described as “being like a little puppy,” all yippy and jumpy. There is some truth to that when I get near water. I just love this stuff so much.
  2. I will let you have some of my flies. I will have 600 or so flies when I head to Florida. I can’t use that many in my whole life. I’m glad to share. I’ll also share leaders and tippet. I will likely share beer too… sometimes.
  3. I can’t drink as much as I used to. The kid did that. I’m just out of practice and not too interested in getting back into that kind of shape. I’ll throw down some beers, but I’m not doing shots, so let’s just not go there, mkay?
  4. But beer and fishing go together. You have to catch a fish (or jump a tarpon) before you can have a beer. Any fish will do. You can’t have a beer while you are skunked. That just won’t do. This rule is enforced until I want a beer and haven’t caught a fish, at which time it is no longer in effect.
  5. I’ll squeeze in as much fishing as possible. Is there a place to fish when we get off the water for the day? If so, I’ll go there. Night fishing? Yup, count me in. Can you hand-line off the dock? I’ll do that. I’m not being anti-social. I just really love this stuff and since I live in California, and not in San Pedro or Islamorada, I have to soak up every minute I can.
Photo by Cameron Miller - Me fishing after fishing.

Photo by Cameron Miller – Me fishing after fishing.

Now you know me a little bit better… let’s go fishing, eh? (The “eh” was for Adrienne, who is Canadian)




  1. I’m with ya on all 5 points.

  2. Ha, that sounds exactly like me*, especially number 1 & 5. I’m not anti-social; I just like to fish. Hand-line off the back of the boat or dock until the wee hours instead of BS sessions over drinks? Damn straight. No offence, but it’s a fishing trip, not a drinking trip 🙂

    * – Except number 2. I don’t have 600 flies.

  3. Nice place you got here. I don’t get to bonefish much but its a pretty good time.

  4. Aaaaah…I remember (fondly I might add) when I was that way. But somewhere along the line, I came to appreciate hanging out with the old farts smoking a cigar at the end of the day, debating the ethics of adding a little crab juice to a fly, and/or taking well-deserved heat when I just plain got skunked. And those memories somehow now stick in my mind as longer, deeper and more meaningful than one more fish at the end of the day. There’s no right or wrong, better or worse to this, other than if you don’t make of it what works for you. Viva la difference and go get ’em sir!

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