Things that make me sad: Out of Print Edition

There are a great number of things that make me sad. Bacon you can actually see through on fast food bugers… that makes me sad.

A new thing that makes me sad is what looks like the demise of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters. The consensus is that the last issue has been shipped.



I really liked that magazine. It was just well done.

I heard one rumor that it might get purchased and revived, but I don’t know if that has any legs to it or not. It seems the magazine business, like the paper business, is a tough one. Ad dollars are getting spent other places, spread around more, and ending up in print less. It wasn’t a subscriber issue, as I understand it, it was an ad revenue dip that closed the doors.

So, there is no longer a magazine devoted to fly fishing in the salt. Don’t despair, there are other places you can turn to for your salty fix (yes, others besides Bonefish on the Brain).

Here are a few:

  • Skinny Water Culture. Their blog is just goodness… salty, fantastic goodness.
  • This is Fly. The eZine still pumps out some good salt in every issue. The writing is wonderful, the pictures are great. Check it.
  • Deneki. It isn’t all salt, but there is a really solid amount coming from Deneki on a very consistent basis.
  • Moldy Chum. There really is a fair bit of saltwater on the Chum.
  • Gink & Gasoline. Not all salt, but a really good amount of it and some really good stuff.
  • Flatswalker. I dig Flatswalker. I wish he posted more, but when he does, it is worth it.
  • Chronicles of Cod. Not all salt, but just some really good work going on here.
  • The Bonefish Flat. Salt. Not as frequent as I’d like, but he’s still going.

There are more. And there are still print magazines like The Drake and The Fly Fishing Journal.

There are still plenty of places to get your content, but I do feel like we lost something really good in Fly Fishing in Saltwaters.

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  2. Sucks, I have been a subscriber since the mid 90’s. I hope someone does bring it back. The web magazine are very good, with great graphics, but do not compare with haveing a real magazine in hand.

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