What it is worth

Bonefishing is important to the Bahamas. They know that.

What it all adds up to is about $141,000,000 for the Bahamian economy.

For a country of 350,000 people, that’s a lot of scratch.

Lots of good work going on in the Bahamas.

Despite the economic importance of this sportfish, there are still a number of gaps in the understanding of some basic bonefish ecology. For some time now, local Bahamian companies involved in the bonefishing industry have been working with global experts to gain a better understanding of the life cycle of bonefish and the ecosystems in which they live. By pairing local knowledge and international expertise, the aim is to gather data that will help conserve and protect bonefish for future generations of Bahamians and visitors.



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  1. Hello. If you want to see the full story with more photos, you can go to the pdf edition of the newspaper (see below). The link you have is a slightly shortened version.

    Cheers & thanks for taking interest in our work!


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