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The Google Alert brought up an interesting story about a  fishing exploration trip to the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.  Yeah… I had never heard of them either.  The blog is saltwaterflyfisher.com.  Not sure if it is my browser or what, but the blog comes out all crazy looking and doesn’t load well.

They didn’t even go bonefishing… but here’s what he said:

The first time I wondered down to the beach on Havelock , my jaw dropped. I was greeted with miles of electric blue flats. I actually said out loud ‘’ Theres got to be’. I had a brief chance to wade the flats before the fever and temperature had me limping back to base to lie down. I made enquires and it was confirmed to me that divers see bonefish close to Havelock all the time. The Andamans are 11 degrees north of the equator and well within the Bonefish band that circles the globe. The flats on Havelock do become rather deep on the high tide with that in mind I would be inclined to fish early into flooding spring tides. I found this fascinating and sufficient reason to return. Anyone visiting Havelock would do well to pack an 8 weight rod and wade those flats. There must be a couple of big shoals of Bonefish that visit those flats most days. Im not saying that this is a new bonefish mecca as yet undiscovered but I would gladly take a bet and devote a few days out of a trip to investigate further.

So… that sounds interesting enough.

Looks nice enough too.

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  1. Going there in Januari and ofcourse i will bring my rod! Do u have any more info about bonefish there? trying to find it online but its hard probably because it is mostly people fishing for Gt´s there whit big spinning rods and poppers.. Would be great if you had any more info and could send it to me!

    By the way the link did not excist any more!


  2. I don’t have any more info and yeah, blogs tend to get started easily but it is harder to keep them running. Likely that guy had the best of intentions, but didn’t keep it up.

    Have fun and let me know what you find!

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