Wild about Bonefish Glass

The Wild About Glass website has the art of David Oppenheimer.  Included in his portfolio are all sorts of inshore species… tarpon, snook, trout and, of course, bonefish.  The bonefish he has on offer is 32″.  You need to call or email David about pricing.

Nice looking fish.

I like this stuff.  My grandfather used to do stained glass… flowers, birds… good looking pieces of art that have hung in the windows of the various parts of our family for years.  Wouldn’t mind a bonefish in the window.

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  1. That stained glass is awesome. They also have freshwater game fish species that I may be interested in. Thanks for posting this. I’m actually looking for some kind of artwork to hang on my walls.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    I’m always looking for good bonefish art to share with folks.

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